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What is TranscriVox?
We, the founders of the TRANSCRIVOX Start-up have been collaborating together for several years within an enterprise dedicated to learning differences and the development of remediation applications. We design and develop assistive technology software using Automatic Natural Language Processing (computational linguistics).
Our current goal with this start-up, is to create computational linguistic applications for the general public; students, professionals and non-professionals of all ages. We also intend for all these applications function on mobile technology, accessible to all, via smartphones and tablets over the Cloud.
We don’t want to abandon our work in applications for people with specific needs, so we are also aiming at developing specific versions designed for education providers or specialised structures. Once again, that version of TRANSCRIVOX will be of benefit to everyone!.
How does TranscriVox work?

TRANSCRIVOX note taking is three easy and straightforward steps:

1- The user opens TRANSCRIVOX from a smartphone and records the speaker (a teacher, colleague or trainer, etc), and films the multimedia elements (images, scenes,...) : This is the ‘Capture’ step.

2 – Next, the user transfers the ‘capture’ to the TRANSCRIVOX servers via the user’s personal profile : This is the ‘Transfer’ step.

3- Finally, by entering a sentence or key words, the user accesses the information needed, quickly and easily, via the Cloud, using a smartphone, tablet, or any computer : This is the ‘Find’ step.

TTM : Text to Map

The user will benefit from a unique and valuable additional tool; the transformation of the speaker’s words into a mindmap (Text to Map)! This function is also very useful for checking that the multimedia file found by TRANSCRIVOX contains the information required, after the analysis of the user’s request. It can also be used to glance through the contents of several multimedia documents.
click the phone for a demonstration.
MEMODYS: automatic taking notes at school

Capturing media elements (webcam) and the teacher's speech (speech recognition) to provide students with a service plug for simple and effective notes!
A special feature of the MemoDys application is that it can reverse the current process to help a person affected by a disability, or a disability. To date, it is the disability which must equip specific hardware. For example, a "dys" student who wishes to take notes must be equipped with specific hardware. With MémoDys, it is the institution, the teacher, which team and which makes available the content of its courses to all participants.

Memodys is also an additional and unique asset: the Cartographer! Transform the text of the speaker Mapping (diagram)! A unique support tool for understanding!
Contributions of the application

For teachers : automatic note taking allows them to make their course naturally. The system requires no pedagogical adaptation from them.
For students : the software allows them to focus on teaching, without bothering to take notes! They can, in addition, use their tools to write their Medialexie work!
For educational institutions : with the automatic recording system of notes, the school offers its students an effective tool and top technology

Memodys: to follow a course without worrying about taking notes!
Interview of Maureen Spencer

Maureen SPENCER, CEO LEXIATECH and Speech-Therapist

Interview of Valerie L.

Valerie L., as a mother of 4

Our founder's Team: Dom, Gilles, Joe and Mike TranscriVox: Our founder's Team: Dominique Warzecha, Gilles Vessière, Joël Bachelerie and Mike Nopère
Gilles Vessière, co-founder The early 2000s marked a turning point in Mr. Vessiere's professional activities. During the 90s he consecrated his work to the realization of avant-garde yet practical applications made with linguistic engineering technology (the conjunction of IT and linguistics).

With his pioneering team of engineers and linguists in France, he developed the very first industrial versions of the automatic switchboard, information and transaction servers, and personal assistants; all of which work with voice recognition and voice synthesis within communication networks. These innovations were recognized by numerous awards and trophies. A watershed moment awarded This was a watershed moment that marked radical change in direction.

From then on his goal would be to use Natural Language Processing technology to help people with communication difficulties. So, in January 2000 Mr. Vessiere entered an annual competition held by the French Ministry of Industry and Research in order to find the funds necessary to start up his project (ANVAR/OSEO). He won the competition, and spent the next year studying specific language impairments, with the help of his wife, who is a special needs teacher for the French National Education Department. Disregarding expert opinion that it is impossible to use Natural Language Processing to help people with dyslexia, Mr. Vessiere founded MEDIALEXIE on the university technological platform within an engineering school, in January 2003. Within very little time, the young company deposed two patents.

Now the innovation continues, with TRANSCRIVOX!
Joël Bachelerie, co-founder After studying at one of France’s highly regarded schools of Information Technology , Joel Bachelorie joined the Medialexie team at the head of the IT research and development unit. Joel took part in the development of numerous applications, which are now regarded as veritable technological and pedagogical advances.

He is the co-author of a patent that permits the transformation of highly disorthographic, but phonetically correct text into standard spelling, independent of language. He is an expert in Automatic Natural Language Processing, and the software solutions he develops aim to provide every day help to people who struggle with reading and writing.

Joel believes that software should be reliable and easy to use, which is why TRANSCRIVOX, which is based on that ideal, will be accessible to one and all.
Mike Nopère, co-founder Mike Nopere is an Internet Specialist. More than ten years’ of experience at the highest level have made him a master of web 2.0 web technologies.

Before joining the Medialexie team as a web developer and network architect, and taking part in the development of TranscriVox, he worked with one of the world’s leading online gaming companies, a site with more than 30 million members. At the time he was responsible for network architecture, data warehouse and cloud computing, as well as web development optimization.
Dominique Warzecha, co-founder In charge of evaluations (ergonomic).
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